best papa in the galaxy

i tell dad jokes periodically

daddy shark inspired

sublimation clothing

Sublimation is a special technique using sublimation ink, paper and printer that can be pressed at extremely high temperatures to create custom clothing.  Once heated, the dye becomes a gas that settles permanently into light coloured polyester clothing.  For this reason i only offer a choice of white, light grey, light blue or light pink clothing with sublimation designs, that way I can guarantee the vibrancy of colour in the design! Perfect for pictures or totally customized options

world's dopest dad

best pucking dad

turtley awesome father


it's fine i'm fine everything is fine

limited edition-any age

it's not a dad bod..its a father figure

kindergarten while quarantined

i dont give a rats ass

i don't need therapy-fishing

if we get in trouble-it's my sisters fault

beer me

never underestimate a man=fishing

i fish because punching people is frowned.

papa the man the myth the legend

white teddy bear


white teddy bear

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